Short one

Oct 4, 2010

Bite more than you can chew. When u get what u want but not what u need. I don't even wanna go there

Somebody just had a plate of cat poo for breakfast

Feb 16, 2010

Jam 9 pagi, telpon gw udah sibuk bunyi tang ting tung, as I checked ternyata temen gw baru aja copas postingan dari seseorang, jangan ditanya soal apa, yang jelas cukup membuat gw nanya ke dia "ini orang posting jam brapa?", turns out postingannya pagi (well, somebody just ate a cat poo for breakfast, that's why all the craziness starts really early and it's not friday yet TT__TT ). For me, it's this person's prerogative right to post anything, but for the one who reads it, it's down right cruel. I'm opposed to people who thinks wearing a fake handbag is an apocalyptic desperate measures for those who wants to be stylish yet can't afford to have the real one, I'm against people who thinks that way, it's just plain mean. Be as sarcastic as you like, be as mean as you like, heck be a bitch if you want to, exaggerate as you want, but one thing that you have to keep in mind, put some humor in it, then bitching it out, or people would think that you're a total douche bag. I know I can be a douche sometimes, but I would never ever look down to people, it's just made my miserable self more miserable. Ah glad to let that out, I'm outta here..see u on my next rants.
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Right now I love:

Jan 19, 2010

Korean Dramaaaaa!!!! Yes, now I'm addicted to it, and the person in it *loh?.

Hitting the gym and RPM classes, 15 kgs to lose, that's what I called a heavy burden.

It began with watching ninja ass-assin (it's intended *grin), kinda gore, yet it fascinates me on how rain can sculpt his muscle the way as seen on the movie, I heard 6 months, 6 hours of training consist of 5 hours martial art training and weight lifting, plus strict diet, boy I feel so thin by just hearing it (sorry taylor lautner, I have to pass on you *please don't kill me for writing this), so after that I browse on dvd, youtube videos and when I found he got the boogie on, I just froze..erh wait..we're talking about k drama rite? Yes, I love the sappy stories, even I drag my friend to watch k drama 6 episode marathon, which left us holding hands and crying..not a very good sight, we both look silly and consider I'm a married woman or 'emak2', I look even sillier.

So, after I watched rain's working out regime, it inspires me (I don't want to be a teeny bopper here, with all his good looks and charm,he DOES inspires me, I'm old already) and I proudly say, that I'm a member of a gym club, me a true couch potato, who love to eat and spend a whole day in bed watching tv, who look slightly like jabba the hut, can hit the gym. Now after 2 weeks later, I lost 3.5 kgs, feel guilty after I eat junk food, I even change my smoking habit (does changing cigarette from menthol to lights count? Heeeeey, it counts!). So today, I have 3 classes to attend, body pump and 2 sessions of RPM, I hope I don't faint afterwards *yooooow, remember 3 days of binge eating on weekends, the snacks and sweets.
Jeez, I should go now before my jabba the hut persona take over, not good!
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Happy New Year!

Jan 7, 2010

I hope it's not too late for me to say happy new year, Happy new year!! may this year can bring so much joy to you!

I myself has been blessed with so many gifts since December (not including Rain's concert which i missed on 6 December :S , that was my loss, big time!!), trip to Singapore with my family (will post it real soon), surprise gift from dad, my husband's birthday + our new year celebration and my birthday (i'm 28 already! a full range of anti aging cream will be on my shopping list :p).

2 years of our marriage and 2 birthdays that I didn't give any present to my dear husband, hahahahaa..shortage on my economical side, gives serious impact on this :D, but we decided to have his birthday and new year celebration at home, barbecuing, good food and good friends..what more can we expected on that day. We had tremendous fun, nothing fancy, just a great quality time with our closest friends and family. oh, one thing that was spectacular; Lunar eclipse occurred 1 hour after the new year, how special is that?

I begin my new year with lots of fun, and i really wish from this day forward 2010 will be a new chapter of my life, be a better partner, a better daughter, a better sister and a better friend. How about you?

ps: I manage to get sober on new year, so I guess that is a really great improvement and I kinda jinx myself, if new year and my birthday I got wasted, I'll be a year long damned..teeheeheee..

Marching band madness

Dec 1, 2009

Good morning!!I had a very good week! I got the job, the most difficult one to enter since the tests are really hard, I could say that this is the best achievement I got by far.
To complete my great week, I got this totally hot jacket at mangga dua, pair it with cottonink's long tanktop in their stripes collection, mind the model, your dearest is still in her pj's :p . I did a makeover on the jacket, all those buttons used to be bright gold, as in over the top pimpin' gold, so I grab my black nailpolish and start to paint the middle part of the button, the result: as if there's a gold frame surrounding the button, and it made this jacket look better, calmer and stop screaming michael jackson (no offense my king, God bless your good soul) or marching band season is on! Other find from mangga dua? Black top with padded shoulder (I choose the better version, I don't want to look like wearing grace jones's cheek bone on my shoulder) and black kimono top, see I never shift my color to brights no matter how sunny my mood is, and stripes! I can't get enough of stripes, some of my friends predicting that I'm going to get zebra or cow as a pet one day,LOL!! Ok have a great week you guys!!
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