Marching band madness

Dec 1, 2009

Good morning!!I had a very good week! I got the job, the most difficult one to enter since the tests are really hard, I could say that this is the best achievement I got by far.
To complete my great week, I got this totally hot jacket at mangga dua, pair it with cottonink's long tanktop in their stripes collection, mind the model, your dearest is still in her pj's :p . I did a makeover on the jacket, all those buttons used to be bright gold, as in over the top pimpin' gold, so I grab my black nailpolish and start to paint the middle part of the button, the result: as if there's a gold frame surrounding the button, and it made this jacket look better, calmer and stop screaming michael jackson (no offense my king, God bless your good soul) or marching band season is on! Other find from mangga dua? Black top with padded shoulder (I choose the better version, I don't want to look like wearing grace jones's cheek bone on my shoulder) and black kimono top, see I never shift my color to brights no matter how sunny my mood is, and stripes! I can't get enough of stripes, some of my friends predicting that I'm going to get zebra or cow as a pet one day,LOL!! Ok have a great week you guys!!
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