Cottonink's krey shawl

Sep 15, 2009

Finally I decided to buy myself cottonink's krey down at the brightspot market (and met two lovely ladies behind this brand Ms. Carline Darjanto and Ms. Ria Sarwono), since I already had most of the collection;basic tubular,fringe,acid, and it is time to buy the krey one because I have none of it. The moment I put it on, I knew that this shawl was meant for playing to create new looks, sooo..I came up and made it as an oversized shredded tank, by using the upper part of the shawl to make it as a sleve and knot it so it fit proportionally. I love it and I do think I need to have more colors for the krey one
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It has arrived :)

Sep 2, 2009

Yaaaay,finally it has arrived, it's been a long waiting since I knew that the absolute essentials boxy shirt sold out. What do I think about this acid version? Remarkably wonderful for a loose shirt lover like me,it's lightweight,soft and comfy top that you can play with. Can't wait to take pictures of ways to wear it, cuz what I need are knots, my rocknrolla bear brooch and pair of simple elastic band, voila!! New twist on this Absolute boxy acid. Get yours now at: , I heard is limited :)
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