Somebody just had a plate of cat poo for breakfast

Feb 16, 2010

Jam 9 pagi, telpon gw udah sibuk bunyi tang ting tung, as I checked ternyata temen gw baru aja copas postingan dari seseorang, jangan ditanya soal apa, yang jelas cukup membuat gw nanya ke dia "ini orang posting jam brapa?", turns out postingannya pagi (well, somebody just ate a cat poo for breakfast, that's why all the craziness starts really early and it's not friday yet TT__TT ). For me, it's this person's prerogative right to post anything, but for the one who reads it, it's down right cruel. I'm opposed to people who thinks wearing a fake handbag is an apocalyptic desperate measures for those who wants to be stylish yet can't afford to have the real one, I'm against people who thinks that way, it's just plain mean. Be as sarcastic as you like, be as mean as you like, heck be a bitch if you want to, exaggerate as you want, but one thing that you have to keep in mind, put some humor in it, then bitching it out, or people would think that you're a total douche bag. I know I can be a douche sometimes, but I would never ever look down to people, it's just made my miserable self more miserable. Ah glad to let that out, I'm outta here..see u on my next rants.
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