These heels are made for lovin'

Jul 29, 2009

My shoes has arrived!!kesampean juga beli ini dengan harga murah (compared to 707's which up to IDR 1,3 mill),a bit big though,but I put some gel cushions on it and it fit me perfectly,now let me put this on and play with it! oh my gawd!!love the shoes!!!
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lucu-lucuan dikit

Jul 27, 2009

Berhubung udah lama bgt gw ga posting,nah baca yang satu ini dulu baru kalo masa hiatus gw kelar, gw bakal nulis lagi *im crossing my heart while typing this,ok guys see u on my next post :)

KALO BANCI JADI PRAMUGARI " Ehemm Para pere n lekong.. yuhuu!.atensiong pliss dweh.. bekudis tempel semen, alias ledis n jentelmen..sesuai peraturan penerbangan, jd eke mawar kasma tawaran yey cara pakarena sabuk pengaman yey, kondim kale ah pengaman.. coba sindang liat eke cara pasang itu sabuki yg ngelilit dipinggang yey, cara nguncoro biar yey enggong klepas nnt klo kapalnya tubrukan.. Baju ngapung ada di bawah kursi yang ye dudukin, jangan dipake kecuali nanti mas kapiten ngajak berenang bareng. Eit jangan lupa, itu barang jangan ye pindah2n ya, apalagi dibawa pulang buat pajangan salon yg ketauan sama eike, bakalan ditabok kanan kiri atas bawah depan belakang deh ih.. Cara makenya, itu baju dikalungin di leher ye ati2 kekencengan ntar gak bisa napas... Biiar bisa ngapung, ye tarik itu pencetan warna merah delima, atau ye tiup itu pipanya. Kalo nanti ke luar lewat jendela darurat, itu baju apung dikembangin pas di luar aja deh, nanti mampet di jendela karena gak muat.Aihh.. ampe kritiing tangan eike narikin pencetannya keras amirr...Gimandra siiih niiih....Eh, asal ye semua pada tau ya, pesawat indang ada 2 pintu darurat didepan, ada 2 dibelakang, dan 2 lagi jendela darurat di tengah2...jd ke luarnya jengong brebutan.. masker oksigen bakalan nongol dari atas kepala yey, tarik aje dah terus napasin kayak biasa.Kalo ada ani ani, ye-ye yang ude tuwir mesti nolongin ani2 nya dl dah tyu ye. Dan akhir kate ekyeee ucapin Endang Sukamti mirip ikan paus, terima kasih God bless yuu marii.. Nasib banci bgini dweh rempong eemmm ( sory ganggu lucu abisnya =)) )
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When insomnia gets me

Jul 10, 2009

This horrible woman is the host of some midnight quiz show,I know it's midnight and majority of the viewers are adults but please...we are living in the east,which makes a lot of people are still conservative, include me..there's nothing pretty about this woman, the way she talks (annoyingly) ,her gesture,her make up not to mention her wardrobe, she use this burlesque bustier in hot pink and carrying a whip (!),very un-lady like..I am pretty sure she's the mayor of WHOREVILLE (blame the wardrobe and the way she talks..about the wardrobe,what the hell is the stylist thinks??is the stylist running a brothel??? I am CURIOUS).
Pardon my language here dear readers, but she ticks me off (yes due to my pms too) and the most tragic thing is,I watch the quiz on TPI which stands for Televisi Pendidikan Indonesia or indonesia's education television. Oh help me dear God, please save this country.
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Smoky experiment

Jul 8, 2009

Went to donna's and as one of a pro bencong,she did some experiment and making a twist on the smoky eyes look. The victim off course; yours truly :) . As I don't do a lot of make up and my jaw still dropping on donna's ranges of eye shadows (name the color and brand and the forms from pigment,regular and pressed pigment she got it all).
So in this photo she puts base color frosty white and silver on the crease and brow bone,then she adds black e/s on the crease (Millani storm), for the final touch she adds MAC pressed pigment e/s in teal on the corner, the crease (a lil bit to layer over the black e/s) and lower eye lines. I like it, especially the MAC in teal, the color really pops, it made my eyes look bigger..who knew I would look good in green. time I would try it and make experiments, it's really time for me to learn how to do my make up, I'm 27 already and blind as a bat when it comes to make-up,ckckck...
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Latest addiction

Jul 2, 2009

Introducing Ickle and Lardee, 2 adventurous and super cute baby teeth.

(All images are copyright © Inhae Renee Lee 2009. All rights reserved. )

Ok, seriously..what's not to love about this 2 cuties???
As i go blog walking, i found this uber cute characters and now i'm hooked, i constantly read it and show it to my husband and brother in law, they both saw it and continuously saying: ' cute,how cute' (there's nothing cute about seeing two big guys saying how cute and aaaw-ing repeatedly)

I sent e-mail to the creator of my milk toof and she said that it's okay to put her work on my blog, so thank you Inhae Lee for replying my e-mail and it's really delightful to put your creation to this post. It's official...i am your big fan Inhae! :)

For those of you who loves this pic, you must check the original work and story of my milk toof here , let them put a big smile on your face.

one of the most romantic thing i've ever read

Jack Benny
Before celebrated comedian Jack Benny died of pancreatic cancer in October 1974, he arranged one final romantic gesture for his wife of 47 years, Mary Livingstone (pictured with Benny.) Benny left a sum of money to a local florist for one long-stemmed red rose to be delivered to Livingstone every day for the rest of her life. Livingstone, who had performed with Benny throughout most of his career, outlived her husband by nine years.

how sweet is that? simple gesture, but truly romantic... (a romantic comedian, a deadly combination to steal every girl's heart in this universe *sigh...)


Jul 1, 2009

It happen a view days ago,right after Mr. Jackson passed away, nothing wrong with this picture actually,but look at the spelling. Jacksen?????who the hell is Jacksen??who doesn't know how to spell jackson?c'mon man he has been in the entertainment industry for decades!ckckck...and by the way,it might surprise you but I taken this pic from Metro TV!
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