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Jan 19, 2010

Korean Dramaaaaa!!!! Yes, now I'm addicted to it, and the person in it *loh?.

Hitting the gym and RPM classes, 15 kgs to lose, that's what I called a heavy burden.

It began with watching ninja ass-assin (it's intended *grin), kinda gore, yet it fascinates me on how rain can sculpt his muscle the way as seen on the movie, I heard 6 months, 6 hours of training consist of 5 hours martial art training and weight lifting, plus strict diet, boy I feel so thin by just hearing it (sorry taylor lautner, I have to pass on you *please don't kill me for writing this), so after that I browse on dvd, youtube videos and when I found he got the boogie on, I just froze..erh wait..we're talking about k drama rite? Yes, I love the sappy stories, even I drag my friend to watch k drama 6 episode marathon, which left us holding hands and crying..not a very good sight, we both look silly and consider I'm a married woman or 'emak2', I look even sillier.

So, after I watched rain's working out regime, it inspires me (I don't want to be a teeny bopper here, with all his good looks and charm,he DOES inspires me, I'm old already) and I proudly say, that I'm a member of a gym club, me a true couch potato, who love to eat and spend a whole day in bed watching tv, who look slightly like jabba the hut, can hit the gym. Now after 2 weeks later, I lost 3.5 kgs, feel guilty after I eat junk food, I even change my smoking habit (does changing cigarette from menthol to lights count? Heeeeey, it counts!). So today, I have 3 classes to attend, body pump and 2 sessions of RPM, I hope I don't faint afterwards *yooooow, remember 3 days of binge eating on weekends, the snacks and sweets.
Jeez, I should go now before my jabba the hut persona take over, not good!
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